Wreaths: Twisting Their Way through the Centuries

Wreaths can be found on countless doors across the nation, especially during the holiday season. They come in a wide range of sizes and are decorated in an endless array of unique ways. Whether simple and rustic or incredibly ornate, each one holds specific meaning to those displaying it for all to see. Though they’re modern-day symbols of festivity and cheer, their history dates back long before the traditional Christmas wreath the world has come to know and love today.

Digging Deeper

“Wreath” is a term derived from the Old English term, “writhan”, which means “to twist”. In the beginning, naturally growing pieces of foliage were twisted, wound and bound into circles. These wreaths weren’t always made of evergreen like the ones the world so often envisions these days. Their crafters used whatever greenery, flowers, fabric and embellishments were available to them at the time.

In the Beginning

Records of wreaths date back several centuries. Those hundreds of years ago, the people of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Persia and numerous other cultures used twists of foliage and fabric for several different purposes. They were worn as headdresses to indicate status and power or given as trophies for personal accomplishments. Over time, they also began to appear on people’s homes and in public places in honor of victorious battles.

Moving Forward

Eventually, wreaths did evolve into a widely recognized symbol of the holiday season. Historians believe this tradition began during the sixteenth century. Those circular twists made of evergreens became a symbol of life everlasting and God’s unconditional love. Holly is often associated with the crucifixion, representing Christ’s crown of thorns and the blood they brought to the surface. Some modern wreaths hold a more whimsical theme whereas others adhere to strictly religious roots, but this single, simple concept has made its way into hearts and homes across the globe.

Worcester Wreath has brought the tradition full circle, so to speak. From simple designs and holiday classics to patriotic themes and natural beauty, the company offers fresh holiday greenery to suit a wide range of ideas and preferences. With their wreaths across america program, they’ve also set out on a mission to spread the love and cheer as far as possible, keeping ample meaning in the ongoing custom.


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